A day in the life of Content Candy - as told in GIFs

A day in the life of Content Candy - as told in GIFs

Being a Candy comes with a unique set of requirements. Apart from being word wizards and crazy about great content – we’re also a bunch of doughnut-lovin’, dad joke-making nuts.

With our team scattered across the country, from Cape Candies in the Mother City to Country Candies in the Midlands, we are almost always chatting to each other on Slack – whether it is brainstorming a new client idea, asking for advice or wisdom, or simply checking in to see who’s bringing snacks.

Here’s a typical day in the Candy Jar, so told in GIFs.


Traffic updates, notices of client meetings for the day or a heads-up about those who need to put their heads, ahem, down, and not be disturbed for a while.  

 giphy (6).gif

 giphy (7).gif


giphy (8).gif


A humble brag or high-five, or any occasion for a whoop.  It could be something like birthday cake, or a more major win in the form of a new pitch won or great client feedback – then, out comes the digital bubbly, so to speak.

giphy (9).gif

giphy (10).gif


Whether it’s a post-lunch brain freeze, or an attempt from the universe to thwart our brilliant plans… frustration. Expect to see furious typing of  “why does this Twitter ad not want to work?”, “Oops, that Google doc I had seems to have disappeared…” and  (generally empty) threats of us wanting to throw our laptops out the window. This is soon followed by another celebration moment, when a Clever Candy comes to the rescue, with the answer on hand.

giphy (11).gif

giphy (12).gif


Enter the lame dad joke, complete with ba dum tss for added emphasis, and eye rolls and inward grimaces all around. Something as innocent as the mention of a web-browser bookmark can quickly devolve into a flurry of cry-laughing emojis. Candy Land is often comedy gold.

giphy (13).gif

giphy (14).gif


Hello, is anyone there, because I’ve found this really cool thing I want to share?” Let’s just say that certain Candies have a hard time logging off. Conversations could end in anything from the next wine on our hit-list, or a debate over the latest industry trend or news.

giphy (16).gif


“Hello, if anyone’s still there, would you mind looking over my Twitter timeline...?” As social media never sleeps, there’s often live-tweeting after-hours. While we like to think we kick content butt, we’re never shy to ask for an extra set of eyes of our work. This is generally met with more high fives, because, let’s face it… we are good. If you want good content too, you know how to get in touch.

giphy (17).gif

giphy (18).gif



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